2700 swansea road

Iridian Spectral Technologies

This 43,000ft² greenfield project for Iridian Spectral Technologies located at 2700 Swansea Road has provided the optical thin film filter manufacturer with quality office space, high-tech labs, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Lundy’s commitment to acting as a partner on this project has resulted in a building that meets Iridian’s industry-specific technological needs in every way.

The project was fast-tracked for completion in the Spring of 2012; Lundy developed a number of project-specific strategies to complete the work on time, as well as using a Murox building system for the building envelope. The prefabricated envelope has the added bonus of providing Iridian with a highly sustainable building with reduced operating costs.

Contract    construction manager 

Contract    $6,973,000


Contract Start    June 2011

Completion    May 2012

Constructability Solutions

  • Early in the project, Lundy discovered that the concrete laid throughout the building had not cured properly. This caused a delay in the laying of the flooring which, in turn, made meeting the strict milestone schedule a challenge. Lundy’s team worked closely with the Owner to identify the areas of the building that could be completed first and set up a complex phased schedule to allow those areas to be completed before time, giving Lundy the space to work on the more challenging parts of the building and still meet their milestone dates.

Project Team

Sean Montgomery
Project Manager

Jean Giroux
Site Supervisor

Luisa Specogna
Project Coordinator


Iridian Spectral Technology
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