425 Legget Drive

This warehouse has been converted into 100,000ft² of open office space and upgraded warehouse facilities. A new mezzanine adds 21,000ft² to the building’s interior space.

Two feature stairs incorporating a “green wall” of living plants are bathed in natural light from an 85’ skylight installed in the middle of the building. Lundy also installed 23 large new windows, and, on one elevation, a 30’x25’ expanse of window wall.

The heating, ventilation, and lighting systems have been replaced with cutting edge, energy-efficient models and a second floor washroom added. The building’s accessibility has been increased with the installation of a new elevator at the front entrance.

Contract    Stipulated Price

Contract    Currently under construction


Contract Start    October 2011

Currently under construction

Constructability Issues

  • One of the key goals on this project was to bring more natural light into the building, an aesthetic enhancement that also reduces the environmental impact of the structure. Lundy researched innovative construction techniques to assist in the construction of the building’s window wall and re-engineered the skylight specifications to better achieve the project goals.
  • The main mezzanine addition interfered with the existing mechanical/electrical service room. Lundy pulled down the walls of the original room, rerouting the systems, and then completed the mezzanine spanning overhead.
  • After the new tenant had taken possession, plans were made to install a mezzanine for the new occupant’s exiting stairway. As the building was occupied by the time this addition to the work began, Lundy coordinated with the tenant to avoid interrupting operations.

Project Team

Sean Montgomery
Project Manager

Darren Burke
Site Supervisor

Luisa Specogna
Project Coordinator


Canderel Management
Jeff Kubacki (613) 287-3449


Robert Matthews (613) 224-0095


McKee Engineering
Bob McKee (613) 723-9585


Cleland Jardine Structural Engineers
Mike Cleland (613) 591-1533


John Riddel (613) 254-9643


Douglas & Ruhland
Marietta Ruhland (613) 224-4744