Beechwood National Memorial Centre

This 14,000ft², nine-sided facility is a hybrid structure built with steel, glulam and wooden beams made from laminated timber. The Memorial Centre is an addition to the Beechwood Family Reception building, which also underwent renovations as part of this project.

The quality of workmanship and innovative features of the Beechwood National Memorial Centre have been publicly recognized and celebrated by the Governor General of Canada; spiritual leaders of approximately 25 different faith groups; two military regiments; and a host of politicians, dignitaries, special guests, and media. The project was honoured with the Canadian Wood Council’s 2008 Ontario Wood WORKS! Award, (Institutional Wood Design, less than $10 million).

Contract    Construction Management 

Contract    $4,875,000


Contract Start   September 2006

Completion   March 2008

Constructability Issues

  • The area site water storage was originally on fissured rock. As per the specifications, a hoe ram formed a catch basin where water was seeping through the fissured rock. When this did not work, Lundy redesigned the system with the civil engineer and subcontractor to include a control device which allowed for a constant rate of drainage into the municipal storm system.
  • Six large architectural glulam beams had to fit within the steel structure to hold up the roof. The tolerances between the steel and wood beams were less than 1 inch. Any damage to the glulam was avoided by a 3-D model of the installation sequence, developed with the architect and structural steel engineer.
  • The flooring specified in the design had a very low moisture tolerance. The project team worked with the sub trade installer and flooring manufacturer to identify and install the proper vapor barrier for the slab.

Project Team

Matiss Silins
Project Manager

Mike Mullen
Site Supervisor

Carmen Arango
Project Coordinator


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