Coley Pharmaceutical

New Laboratory & Headquarters

Coley Pharmaceutical’s new cutting edge research facility includes all of the key components of a cutting-edge office / laboratory facility. A steam boiler heats the building, while also having the capacity to reach the temperatures necessary to heat the mammoth sterilizer unit. Sophisticated HVAC systems provide the necessary components for lab particle dilution and finite temperature control in the sample rooms. 

Lundy completed the office portion during the first phase of the project, allowing Coley to maintain operations throughout construction. This allowed the client to simplify their move from one lease to another.

Contract    Construction Management 

Contract    $2,800,000


Contract Start   June 2002

Completion    March 2003

Constructability Solutions

After the first phase of the project, the building was operational to various extents throughout the project, requiring careful and often changing infection control. Lundy performed site reviews whenever a new section of the building became operational to identify areas at risk and developed new infection control plans as a result.

Project Team

Enzo DiChiara
Project Manager

Bob Seiler
Site Supervisor

Lorraine Human
Project Coordinator


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