Goulbourn Recreation Complex    

This multi-use public facility project included a full-size hockey arena, pool complex, dressing / change rooms, reception center, and food service areas. The main work was tendered in two phases; Lundy was the successful bidder for both phases and later completed additional work on the building envelope.  

Contract    Lump Sum

Contract    $9,100,000


Contract Start   February 2000

Completion    May 2001

Constructability Issues

  • The client had a critical timeframe in which to open the facility, causing the project to be fast-tracked. The project was tendered in two phases; Lundy was the successful bidder on both. Over frequent meetings with the Design Team, Lundy helped to establish a construction schedule that brought the project in on time and stayed within the budgetary limitations. 
  • The intersecting feature wall running through the front entrance and lobby of the building presented a long-term leakage risk. The details of the interface between walls and roof were closely examined and carefully built. Special attention was also paid to thermal insulation in this area to prevent cold bridging (and condensation) during the winter months 
  • The pool area developed exterior envelope problems two years after the facility opened. Humid air under significant positive pressure from the pool area was getting through the vapour barrier and causing early deterioration of the masonry wall. Although the building warranty was over, Lundy came back to the table to work with the Owner and Architect to understand the problem, develop a better air barrier design, and rebuild the affected walls. Lundy did this at our own expense to demonstrate our commitment to complete client satisfaction.

Project Team

Enzo DiChiara
Project Manager

Bob Seiler
Site Supervisor

Luisa Specogna
Project Coordinator


City of Ottawa
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McKee Engineering
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