Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus Ambulatory Care

This 40,000ft² redevelopment project spanned the entire 2nd, 4th, and 6th floors of the Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus. The floors now house several types of ambulatory care and endoscopy clinics and a diagnostic imaging area. Each floor also houses the appropriate office and support facilities.

Contract    General Contractor

Contract    $7,550,000


Contract Start   June 2003

Completion    December 2004

Constructability Issues

  • The other floors of the building, such as the Eye Care Centre on the 3rd floor, had to remain operational throughout the construction period. Lundy established a phasing schedule that met the project milestones while allowing the building’s other departments to be completely functional.
  • Most of the service infrastructure for the hospital, including air handling systems, medical gas, plumbing, electrical, IT, nurse call, and pneumatic tube all ran in the existing ceiling space. All of the new infrastructure systems being installed had to be made to fit in the extremely congested space between the final finished ceilings and the existing structure. This was accomplished with a great deal of up-front planning, the creation of interference drawings, and weekly meetings on site during construction with the subcontractors and design consultants. 
  • Our infection control leadership was critical to the success of this project. Before commencing work, every trade was given special training regarding the site’s specific requirements. Representatives from the hospital attended these orientation sessions to ensure that the day-to-day needs of the hospital were understood and incorporated in the training.

Project Team

Denis Sauve
Project Manager

John Sanzo
Site Supervisor

Matiss Silins
Project Coordinator


The Ottawa Hospital
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Erskine Dredge & Associates
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McKee Engineering
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Adjeleian, Allen, Rubeli Ltd. 
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