South African High Commission

The South African High Commission building was constructed in 1870. This renovation and addition focused primarily on improving accessibility to the building and upgrading the domestic spaces. Lundy installed a new elevator in the structure and built ramps to the major entranceways and the kitchen underwent extensive renovations. 

Contract    Stipulated price 

Contract   $1,507,000


Contract Start   June 2009

Completion    May 2010

Constructability Solutions

  • The location of the project on one of Canada’s busiest ceremonial routes posed a number of challenges. There was no swing space for the Subcontractors to work in and access to the site was extremely limited. The location also meant that there were strict rules regarding deliveries to the site. Lundy prioritized scheduling throughout construction to ensure that the necessary equipment and resources were delivered only when needed to free up more space and work within the site’s strict regulations.
  • The South African High Commission is located near a number of high-security buildings. Accordingly, security was a priority on site; Lundy carefully screened all on site personnel and submitted to all necessary security checks.
  • Heritage buildings often have hidden damage that is only revealed when construction begins. The South African High Commission was no different; water had leaked into the building envelope, damaging windows and interior finishes. Once the damage had been discovered, Lundy coordinated with the subcontractors and the client to identify the fastest and best way to re-mediate the damage, improve performance, and prevent the same from occurring again.

Project Team

Matiss Silins
Project Manager

Bob Colton
Site Superintendent

Carmen Arango
Project Coordinator


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