St. George Parish

This renovation and addition project adds 2,600ft² of community meeting space to St. Georges Parish. As well as modernizing the building systems, Lundy’s team are performing repairs and upgrading work throughout the building where necessary. 

The main entrance, including the stone walls and concrete substructure, has been repaired and restored and a new entrance has been built in the North wall. New North- and South-facing windows have been installed and the asphalt to the North of the building replaced with new curbs and landscaping. 

The new addition features a kitchen, meeting spaces, and washrooms. Lundy has installed a new boiler and ventilation system that service both the original building and the new addition. 

Contract    Lump sum 

Contract   $2,400,000


Contract Start   July 2011

Completion    March 2013

Constructability Solutions

  • Lundy performed extensive renovation work in the basement of this 100 year old building. Due to the age of the structure, asbestos was discovered throughout the floors, walls, and ceilings of the basement. To deal with this serious health and safety issue, Lundy have performed a complete mechanical and electrical retrofit, involving complete removal of infected material in some areas and selected removal in others. All asbestos abatement was performed while safely maintaining the day-to-day operations of the church on the floor directly above the work.

Project Team

Ryan Courier
Project Manager

Neil McKillop
Site Superivisor

Carmen Arango
Project Coordinator


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