Surgenor Pontiac Buick

Surgenor Pontiac Buick selected Lundy to manage this addition and partial renovation project, in part due to our collaborative approach focused on reducing costs and maximizing the speed of the project. The project scope included a 2,920ft² showroom addition and 1,150ft² drive-thru and mezzanine service bay addition. Lundy’s Project Team also renovated the existing showroom and partially renovated the second floor.

Lundy joined the team early in the project, allowing us to provide detailed constructability reviews during the design process. This ensured that the design documents were as complete and detailed as possible by the time construction began, avoiding unnecessary surprises that would negatively impact the budget and schedule.

Contract    Construction Management 

Contract    $2,420,000


Contract Start    June 2004

Completion    January 2005

Relevance to Project

  • Car dealership
  • Extensive addition and renovation

Constructability Solutions

  • During the design development, our client requested that a car be displayed in the area for marketing purposes. Lundy’s Project Manager brought the request to both the architect and the project’s glass subcontractor to develop a solution in the plans that kept the costs of the change as low as possible.
  • The client realized that the brightness of the showroom lighting was inconsistent. M&E Engineering posited that the lighting lenses were absorbing too much light. Lundy performed the necessary tests and worked closely with the lighting subcontractor to source improved lenses to mitigate the issue cheaply and without causing delays to any other aspects of the work.

Project Team

Enzo DiChiara
Project Manager

Darren Burke
Site Superintendent

Matiss Silins
Project Coordinator


Surgenor Pontiac Buick
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Mechanical / Electrical

M&E Engineering
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