Plant Bath Recreation Centre

Renovations to the Plant Bath, a heritage building in the centre of Ottawa’s Preston Street community, began in 2003. Lundy renovated the original building, constructed an addition to house the new recreation centre, and built a new basketball and beach volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, and a new splash pad.

The Plant Bath, built in 1924, had been closed in 1997 due to safety concerns regarding the building’s eroded brick pillars. Lundy reinforced these pillars and stripped out the 80-year old bath facilities, constructing community meeting rooms in their stead.

The addition included the pre-assembly and erection of a massive Triodetic space frame, more than half a football field in size, over the new 25 metre, Olympic-sized swimming pool. The space frame is Canada’s largest multi-directional, variable depth, segmented tubular steel frame designed for an asymmetrical snow load.

Contract    General Contractor

Contract    $7,900,000


Contract Start   Spring 2003

Completion    Spring 2004

Constructability Issues

  • The site was located at one of Ottawa’s busiest intersections, making access to the site for materials, trades, and equipment difficult. Alongside our rigourous coordination techniques, Lundy scheduled deliveries early in the morning to avoid the worst of the congestion. 
  • The Triodetic frame was completely assembled in the adjacent soccer field before being hoisted into place in one piece. The supporting concrete columns had to be poured in place and to extremely tight tolerances to ensure the frame would fit on the first hoisting attempt. 
  • The project fused a state-of-the-art fitness facility with one of Ottawa‘s oldest, most beloved landmarks. The building had to be reinforced, braced, and restored sequentially with the new construction operations. Dedication and a teamwork-focused environment made the project a success.

Project Team

Enzo DiChiara
Denis Sauve

Project Manager

Bob Seller
Site Supervisor

Matiss Silins
Project Coordinator


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