We’re big on process

Being committed to delivering phenomenal, predictable results on every project means that we are highly process-driven. Our company processes focus on those critical aspects of every project that we absolutely must get right: Client on-boarding, risk management, trade procurement, project communication rhythm, scheduling, and cost control. When put together, our processes bring structure to how we respond to our client’s needs and priorities and give every member of our team a clear reference point of our company’s high standards for exceeding client expectations.

It all starts with the right people

Our strong leadership group, dedicated to supporting and empowering a team of execution-oriented “A-players”, is always a fully accessible resource to our clients.

The mandate of company leadership is to serve the employees with the primary focus of setting and communicating strategic direction, regularly coaching individual team members, and finding more top performers to enhance the team. At its core, Lundy leadership is dedicated to providing every staff member with the tools, knowledge, and freedom to maximize jobsite progress and deliver on our commitments to each valued client.

At the onset of every project, our leadership team takes the necessary time to understand each specific need and objective of the client group. Armed with this clarity of purpose, company leadership then interfaces at length with the assigned Lundy project team to develop a customized approach to project fulfillment.

Project teams are set up to be autonomous and execution oriented, following our belief that momentum on site is always a key priority. Our project team leads are fully empowered by company leadership to take strategic calculated risks as needed to maintain project progress.

We make the complex simple

Today’s construction projects are exceedingly complex. The multitude of variables can be overwhelming to say the least. Bottom line, you need someone with the expertise to juggle all the pieces, manage the risks, and deliver a quality final product with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. That’s what we do at Lundy.


Our commitment to safety comes down to the company wide goal of ensuring every employee, subcontractor, and visitor to each of our sites goes home safely. This is a promise we have kept for over 50 years.

Guided by our vision, purpose, and values our comprehensive Health & Safety Program undergoes continual evaluation and improvement to maintain and exceed provincial legislation. Our goal is zero incidents and zero accidents. We achieve this by having an all hands approach to safety – with leadership, management, and site workers contributing.

Maintaining a steady, open line of communication between senior management and all Lundy employees is crucial to providing a safe work place. Underscoring this is our effectiveness in training all project team members on how to maintain a safety first mindset while recognizing site specific hazards.