As construction manager, Lundy works side by side with our clients, acting as their advocate in all matters relating to the planning, design, and construction phases of the project. This approach has the added benefit of complete project transparency, providing full visibility of all costs, trade selection decisions, schedule, and logistical considerations. The adversarial positions that naturally exist between builder and owner, as found in traditional contracting agreements, are eliminated in Construction Management. Construction Management also allows for work to start well in advance of design being complete – a strategy that can substantially accelerate project completion.

The key to success with this delivery method is integration of the builder with the consultant team early-on in the design process. This creates the opportunity for “pre-construction services”, which include detailed budgeting efforts, feedback to design consultants, constructability analysis, logistics planning, and scheduling. All of these up-front efforts have a remarkably positive impact on the momentum of the work and on the limiting of design / site condition related changes once the project is under construction.

Perhaps seen as the most compelling aspect of this delivery approach is the ability to convert the project to a lump sum contract or guaranteed maximum price once the majority of the design elements are established. This aspect makes Construction Management a preferred choice for the majority of Lundy clients – and the financial institutions they work with.