Company History

Established in 1967 by Michael Patrick Lundy, our beginnings couldn’t be more humble. The employee count started at three: Mike Lundy, a fine Scotsman carpenter named Alec D’all, and a horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing-no-nonsense receptionist who everyone, including Mike, called Mrs. Ritchie.

Over the next few years, the company set the foundation for what would not change over the next five decades: A dedication to creating strong professional relationships combined with a tremendous natural desire to see Lundy clients succeed.

Many well-known figures of the Ottawa construction industry cut their teeth at Lundy throughout the 70s and into the 80s. Notable projects from our early days included the building of the Ottawa Little Theatre, the Dow’s Lake Pavilion, and the West End Villa retirement home. These success stories, and the lessons of good business instilled by Mike in the early days, are still what drives Lundy teams of today. Our company mantra is: Relationships Over Bricks. No matter what size of project, Lundy clients enjoy seeing outcomes that result from maximizing the power of fully optimized teams.

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The Lundy Approach

Since our inception, our continuous evolution has been rooted in the belief that we must always look for ways to improve how we plan, communicate, and execute. With this in mind, our commitment to refining our key processes, year after year, has transformed our organization in a fundamental way and led to us becoming a leader in our industry.

What sets us apart is our unique cascade of processes that have been established with client needs at their core. Each process in every area of our project delivery model originates with one or more of these three fundamental priorities:

  1. Utilize our expertise to make the complex simple
  2. Constantly drive projects towards a predictable result
  3. Consistently and regularly remind our clients that our values are aligned

The multitude of day to day decisions made by every team member on every project carries this mandate. Our processes are intentionally designed to give each project team “flexibility within the framework”, so that Lundy team members are free to apply their brilliance to foreseeing and solving project issues.

Core Values

Our core values guide and inform everything we do at Lundy. They ensure we maintain a simple mindset when tackling our client’s toughest project challenges. They remind our people why they have been chosen to represent Lundy, and what are the qualities of a Lundy A-player. We don’t have a long list of core values. In fact, we’ve boiled ours down to three:


What we do requires guts and grit. The high stakes, dynamic nature of executing complex construction projects in real time makes for a challenging and demanding work – and it’s not for the faint of heart. We therefore seek out, recognize, and reinforce this strength in our people to do what needs to be done and continuously move our projects forward while keeping client priorities top of mind.


As a relationships-centered company, we seek to create excellence on construction sites by leveraging great working relationships. In taking this approach to business, we are by default, also in the business of building trust. Trust and confidence are at the core of all our dealings across all our projects and project teams.

So what does this have to do with Caring, our second core value? Every member of the Lundy team is taught that caring builds trust. We start and finish every project continuously mining for opportunities to show that we care about the things that matter: The project outcome, our clients’ stress level, the quality of our work, and the well-being of our teammates. Caring builds trust and trust lies at the center of how we create great, lasting relationships.


Achieving phenomenal success on the construction site is what we strive for on every project. We believe that only through powerful team collaboration can we achieve true success. Construction projects today are far too complex to rely on the capabilities of one or two high-performing individuals, or “the genius with 1000 helpers” as Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, puts it. To accomplish the goals of a construction project, despite the inevitable challenges that arise, requires the leverage of a high functioning team. For this reason, Teamwork is our third and final core value.

Giving Back

Lundy believes in supporting the community we live and work in. Each year, we make contributions to organizations dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty in our city’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods, relieving the stress and struggle for battered and isolated women and their children, and improving the standards of healthcare for people and animals.

To this end, 1% portion of our profits are channeled to the aid of:

  • The Youville Center
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
  • Maison Libre-Elles Woman’s Shelter
  • The Well Woman’s Shelter
  • Ottawa Hospital
  • Ottawa Humane Society

MP Lundy giving back to the community