Welcome to the latest home of Lundy on the web. Our website is a big, clear window on our company and I hope you enjoy the experience. It provides tangible insight into our unique approach to navigating the challenges of complex construction projects. This includes information on how we address each client’s unique needs and how we leverage the brilliance of our incredible team of A-players. We have also updated the look and feel of our project gallery, one of the best ways for visitors to get a sense of our track record for delivering phenomenal results on the construction site.

Few people know that Lundy Construction launched its first website in 1994. I believe it was the first corporate website in our industry. It was a single page site with a photo, some history, and company contact info. It took about 20 seconds to load from top to bottom. This was, of course, in the early, early days of the internet and it was also was right around that time that I sent my first email. I remember staring at my bulky box monitor and uttering the word Coooooool as the message went through the ether and across town to my hi-tech genius pal, Eliot Burdett of Global Exchange (a pioneer internet company in Ottawa).

The launch of our sixth generation website is yet another milestone in what’s been an amazing, 30 year journey for me into the lives of clients who take that leap into physically transforming their companies in one manner or another. With this in mind, I bring to each new project the commitment that my team’s core purpose is to safeguard and protect the client, and their company, during the execution of their construction project. We understand that this is a challenging and risky time – and we strive to ensure the experience of seeing that construction project come together is a highly enjoyable one!

Sean Lundy