Delta Hotel


101 Lyon St, N. Ottawa

CCDC2 Stipulated Price

This complex renovation project, completed within the walls of one of Ottawa’s busiest hotels, involved the renovation and refurbishment of a decommissioned pool facility. This important amenity required structural, mechanical, electrical, and finishing work to be completed within a tremendously aggressive timeframe. As with every project, Lundy leveraged its trade relationships to bring Ottawa’s top performing subtrades to the project, at a price acceptable to Delta’s real estate department. Dominating the detailed logistics and construction phasing of this project was the necessity to manage construction noise during the renovation. With the grand ball room directly below the pool shell and many conference/event spaces surrounding it, noise levels during the day had to be kept to a minimum. Night work wasn’t possible, of course, leading our teams to work around the ballroom booking schedule as well as finding construction methods that wouldn’t telegraph noise and vibration through this fully occupied hotel. Keeping open lines of communication and constantly managing owner expectations lead the ownership group to saying this is one of the most positive renovation processes they have ever experienced at any of their properties across the country, despite the many logistical challenges that arose.