• Giant Tiger Office
  • Giant Tiger Atrium

Giant Tiger

GKC Architects

2480 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON


  • Giant Tiger Retail Front

This project encompasses the construction of a 150,000sqft office building and 30,000sqft retail store for Ottawa’s most successful discount retailer, Giant Tiger. The project is divided into two, four story towers which are connected by a 80 foot high, central axis atrium. Four interior bridges span the atrium, providing efficient, walkable access for all 300 head office employees. The building has been designed to absorb Giant Tiger’s projected growth for many years to come. Lundy was sole-sourced to be construction manager for this marquis project, the culmination of a 25-year business relationship with Giant Tiger. The Giant Tiger Head Office project stands as the ultimate embodiment to our commitment to building confidence and trust in the minds of our valued clients in every stage of planning and execution.

Photography: Raphaël Thibodeau