1732 Woodward Drive

This 10,000ft² multi-tenant commercial office/warehouse was constructed on the site of a demolished facility that had suffered partial fire damage. To accelerate completion, Lundy set the foundations of the building and then erected a Murox high performance pre-engineered building envelope.

Contract    design-build 

Contract    $1,673,000


Contract Start    July 2009

Completion    July 2010

Constructability Solutions

  • The previous facility that caught fire was a tire service center; as a result, the heavily contaminated site had to be remediated early in the process. To minimize costs, Lundy and the consultants developed a plan to use the contaminated material as fill for the landscaped area – a fiscally and environmentally responsible solution!
  • The tenants wished to begin occupancy in the spring prior to the completion of spring work. Accordingly, Lundy erected the prefabricated Murox envelope over two weeks in the middle of winter and installed the windows soon afterwards to meet this schedule requirement.
  • The budget was limited to the insurance claim for the previous facility, making financial responsibility a priority. Lundy elected to use a Murox envelope because of the product’s inherent exterior and interior finish flexibility. By using a combination of masonry and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems, as well as interior drywalls, the client received a building with aesthetic appeal far exceeding the average warehouse.

Project Team

Gina Courtland
Project Manager

Brad Paquette
Site Supervisor

Keri Fournier
Project Coordinator


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