Iridian Spectral Technologies

Pye & Richards Architect

2700 Swansea Crescent, Ottawa

CCA5 Construction Management

This 43,000ft² greenfield project for Iridian Spectral Technologies is another example of high speed execution on site. The project included office space, high-tech labs, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The project was fast-tracked for completion using a construction management delivery method. Once again Lundy utilized a Murox building system for the building structure and envelope. This gave Iridian a highly sustainable building for an exceptionally favourable cost, while accelerating construction well beyond client expectations. The Murox panels were delivered to site with the doors and windows already installed, providing a finished exterior building and structure erected and ready for interior systems and finishes in under three weeks from foundation completion! Within the building, the Lundy team carefully coordinated all specialized services feeding the client-supplied equipment and machinery such that Iridian experienced a minimal amount of manufacturing downtime.