950 Ages Drive

Pye & Richards Architects Inc.

950 Ages Drive, Ottawa, ON

CCDC5B Construction Management

This project, located in the Ottawa Business Park, centered on a 90,000 sqft warehouse retrofit for PWGSC. The purpose of the project was to create customized spaces to house three independent and distinct departments of the Federal Government of Canada:

  1. A highly mechanized workshop area with special equipment needed to service the multi-million dollar annual maintenance programs for federal government real estate assets.
  2. A highly functional storage facility
  3. The home of the federal government’s ceremonial and event management division.

This important project required a high degree of planning, agility, and responsiveness from the Lundy team. All three government tenant had specific requirements on separate timelines. At several points in the project, the construction program was modified to accommodate the evolving requirements of each department preparing to take occupancy. All of the work was accomplished in a manner that allowed for each move to correspond with the termination of each lease elsewhere.