Amped Sports Lab & Ice Complex

N45 Architecture Inc.

2600 Leitrim Road, Ottawa, ON

CCDC5B Construction Management

Becoming a trusted construction partner with leading-edge entrepreneurs, who are taking their business to the next level, is something we love to do.

In the case of Amped Sports Lab, Lundy had the privilege of working closely with two such individuals to launch Ottawa’s premier hockey training and physiotherapy facility. Both on and off ice training is the specialty of Amped, which helps kids and adults become all around better athletes. Housed within the 30,000 square footprint of Amped is a fully refrigerated ice surface, a large gym, and a state-of-the-art physio clinic with five private treatment areas.

Working closely with the owners and designers, Lundy provided the necessary expertise to ensure that the project requirements for energy efficiency, perfect ice conditions, and common area comfort were all achieved. This was not simple task in a building with large open spaces. Additionally, this building was constructed in a rural area south of Ottawa, where few municipal services needed for this facility were available at the property line. To accommodate this reality, a high efficiency on-site septic system was developed and constructed. In addition, dead space of the building over the change rooms was constructed to allow for future expansion or leasable space, as needed to adapt to the future needs of this growing company.