Beechwood Cemetery Foundation

Robertson Martin Architects Inc.

280 Beechwood Ave, Vanier, ON

CCA5 – Construction Management

This 14,000ft², nine-sided facility is the first completely open-denominational facility of its kind in the world. It dramatically features a hybrid structure built of steel, glulam and laminated timber. The Memorial Centre is an addition to the Beechwood Family Reception building, built by Lundy three years earlier, which also underwent renovations as part of this project.

The beauty of the design, quality of workmanship, and innovative features of the BNMC make this project a landmark. Upon completion, it was publicly recognized and celebrated for its contribution to the multicultural fabric of our city by the Governor General of Canada; spiritual leaders of approximately 25 different faith groups, military regiments, politicians, dignitaries, and the media.

This project also has the distinction of one of the first projects to use 3-D computer modeling to mock-up installation sequencing for a hybrid structure. This process allowed designers and site installers to work out exactly how the structure could be assembled to meet the tight tolerances between structural members while preventing damage to the exposed timber sections.

The project was honoured with the Canadian Wood Council’s 2008 Ontario Wood WORKS! Award, (Institutional Wood Design, less than $10 million).