Ottawa Humane Society

Barry J Hobin & Associates Architects Inc

245 W Hunt Club Rd, Nepean, ON

CCDC2 Stipulated Price

This new 44,000ft² animal health care facility was designed by Barry J. Hobin Architect to create a highly functional environment that meets the needs of animals, HS employees, and visitors to the building.

The new building priorities the use of natural light throughout and has designed building functions to provide a stress-reduced environment for animals. The project was designed to LEED® Silver certification.

The complex envelope features various elements woven together: Wood siding, vinyl paneling, stone, and brick. A variety of rooflines and building angles required detailed, upfront planning during the execution of the work on site. To ensure the complexities of the envelope were addressed properly, Lundy provided a second site lead, focused solely to the building envelope to give this aspect of the project the hands-on attention it required.

The building contains the three different structural elements: structural steel, wood framing, and, at the entrance to the facility, load bearing masonry. Within, the building finishes vary widely, addressing the uses of office, animal health care, classroom training, animal accommodations, and public spaces.