CSQ Ottawa Management Services Inc.

Linebox Studio

340, 350, 360 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON

CCDC5B Construction Management

The lobby upgrades at one of Ottawa’s premier downtown business addresses were complex and extensive, involving both interior and exterior spaces and portions of the building envelope. The objective was to modernize three interconnected entrance lobbies while creating attractive and functional meeting spaces throughout.

In the transformation, imposing granite walls in dark hues gave way to light wood wall paneling, integrated planters, and fresh tile flooring. Visually captivating display boards were installed on the columns, creating an engaging visual experience, and highlighting the unique features of the area.

The transformation to exterior spaces included repurposing a portion of the parking garage podium into an additional seating area enclosed with composite wood planters and inviting outdoor tables, chairs and benches.

Inside the lobby, the refreshed space now offers ample seating and amenities, providing a comfortable and inviting environment. The incorporation of wood and plants adds a natural and welcoming ambiance, creating a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and traditional design elements that remained. The newly minted lobby spaces exemplify how older buildings can be refreshed through the merging traditional and contemporary elements to create visually stunning and functionally relevant spaces.

As the construction manager, Lundy successfully executed the Constitution Square project through careful analysis of existing conditions and a solutions-based approach to all construction challenges. Our commitment to delivering exceptional construction management services ensured that the project was completed to the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction.