Embassy of United Arab Emirates

GRC Architects Inc.

125 Boteler Street, Ottawa, ON

CCDC2 Stipulated Price

Completed in three phases between 2014 and 2017, the work of this project focused on vehicle access security upgrades for the UAE Embassy. The scope included extensive modifications to the ornamental perimeter security fence, the addition of a new guard house, new protective bollards, and in-ground retractable vehicle security barriers. Major upgrades to the landscaping of the overall site was also undertaken.

Maintaining the day-to-day continued operation of the embassy presented many logistical challenges over each phase of the project. Unexpected pre-existing sub-surface conditions were encountered early on, requiring careful reworking of the design, phasing, and schedule on order to mitigate impacts to cost and timing.

With additional new sections added onto the retaining walls and fence structures, Lundy worked closely with the designers to source and obtain new granite and stone cladding pieces that matched the material used in 2008 when the building was originally constructed.

Lundy prides itself in being “a Relationship-Based” company. The exceptionally positive relationship between our team and the UAE staff, one based on confidence and trust, made the success of this challenging project possible.