Ottawa Little Theatre

Robertson Martin Architects Inc.

400 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, ON

CCDC5B Construction Management

If Mike Lundy were with us today, he would say that one of the most important projects of his professional career was the rebuilding of the Ottawa Little Theatre in 1972 (after it burnt to the ground 2 years before). Photos of that grand opening still exist and include lambchop sideburns, very wide ties, and suits with bellbottoms. Fast forward to 2014, and Lundy was once again called upon to strategically rejuvenate the building.

This time around, the focus was on replacing original elements of the envelope, including siding panels, glazed aluminum units, and main roof. Inside, some cosmetic modifications refreshed the lobby areas and executive offices. To deliver a complete design/build scope, Robertson Martin Architects joined the team for this important landmark project. The result is an exciting new look that now makes the theatre stand out vividly on one of Ottawa’s business downtown corners, while respecting the beauty of the original design.

The new building opened with a production of Hadrian by Peter Luke. Director Leonard (Len) Holt had an ongoing joke with Mike Lundy in the last few months of construction. Every week, Len would ask Mike: “Will you be ready for the opening??” – to which Mike replied: “Yes, but will you?”