Huawei Technologies Canada

HDR Architecture Associates Inc.

Ottawa, ON

CCDC2 Stipulated Price

This 19,000-sqft interior office fit up for Huawei Technologies included open office areas, meeting rooms, high-tech AVIT rooms and optical and operations laboratories. While schedule and budget control are always a focus for us, the Huawei project had the strict requirement that no materials be fabricated in or shipped through the United States. This created multiple challenges to supply chain management and demanded extensive research by our team both before and after letting trade contracts. In the end, our team assisted the client by sourcing only Canadian and European products that still met the client’s specifications.

Covid-19 became a reality midway through this project. This project became one of Lundy’s key training and testing grounds where we were able to develop industry-leading protocols needed to make the site safe for all workers. Covid specific safe work practices established on the Huawei site were rolled out across several other subsequent projects across the city. The success of this project led directly to another important initiative for Huawei’s Ottawa team: The new Client and Visitor Greeting Project.