Ottawa Plastic Surgery

Simmonds Architecture Inc.

1750 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON

CCDC5B Construction Management

This project consisted of an 8500 sqft renovation of an existing building that was originally a car parts facility.  To repurpose the building into a state-of-the-art medical clinic was a complex task for the Lundy team.

New interior and exterior structural components were added to support the specialized equipment, including two suspended operating room clean suite plenums housing dedicated fresh air grilles, medical gas boom and two articulating light booms.

Lundy worked diligently to pre-purchase the generator and two specialized air handlers to ensure the long lead items would not impact the scheduled completion date.

The construction team leaned heavily on our in house VDC team to model the building extensively to ensure that all M&E equipment would fit within the existing tight space.  Lundy used the model in conjunction with our weekly planning sessions to coordinate the sequence of installation on the many layers of plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Medical Gas Piping & equipment to avoid any re-work once the equipment was installed.

Lundy collaborated with our consultants to propose viable design change options to keep the cost and turnaround time on changes to a minimum which helped avoid extensive schedule delays.