Canadian Tire

Turner Fleischer Architect Inc.

2121 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON

CCDC2 Stipulated Price

The Lundy team is excited to have been selected to build this massive flagship store for Canadian Tire at Carlingwood. When completed in the Fall of 2022, the iconic facility will provide over 270,000sf of retail and automotive service space over two floors, delivered in time for the 100-year anniversary of this iconic Canadian retailer. The complexity of the concrete and steel hybrid structure demanded in-depth coordination efforts. Much of the 9,000m3 of concrete work was placed in Ottawa’s coldest winter months and our valued trade partners delivered excellence in both schedule and quality control. Throughout the work to date, we have heavily utilized digital and aerial mapping technologies to plan, execute, and manage on-site resources efficiently as this important project quickly takes shape.

The complexity of the multi-level steel and concrete structure required in depth coordination by our Lundy team and our valued trade partners. Our project team placed  over 6,000 cubic meters of concrete in the winter months. We achieved this milestone using our digital and aerial technology and efficiently managing our resources to minimize the impact of snow and cold weather on the quality and strict tolerances of our exposed finished slabs. We are extremely proud to be working with Canadian Tire on this landmark project.