RA Centre

Lara McKendrick Architecture Inc.

2451 Riverside Drive

CCDC5B Construction Management

Projects don’t have to be big to be important. Returning to the RA Centre after completing the House of Sport in 2018, Lundy was hired as construction manager to execute a 5,000sf renovation of the facility’s (circa 1970s) hockey change rooms. Gone are the dingy showers and dressing rooms of yesteryear, replaced with fresh, beautiful new spaces including a curler’s lounge, locker area, showers, and barrier free washrooms – all laid out in a crisp design from LMA Architects.

Due to the age of the facility, encountering unknown site conditions were a constant challenge during construction. Lundy was able to tackle both schedule and budget by minimizing constraints using Lean Builder visual planning methods with its trade partners and ensuring efficient communication among consultants and owner representatives.

The modernization of this space signifies a key strategic move to make the RA Centre a national hub for the sport of curling. It also elevates the RA to one of the few accessible and inclusive spaces for wheelchair curling in the City of Ottawa.