Elmwood School

261 Buena Vista Rd, Rockcliffe Park, ON

CCA5 Contract Management

The Board of Elmwood School was one of the first clients of Lundy to grasp the benefits of transparent construction management approach. Utilizing an integrated team model, Lundy worked hand in hand with the school, the designers, and the trades to come up with a facility that would serve the ongoing needs of the students and school faculty while standing the test of time.

The heavily wooded site in the heart of Rockcliffe Park provided the development team with several interesting construction options. The Board made it clear, however, that the massive trees scattered on the site were crucial to the school’s environment. The design was altered accordingly, allowing the building to be erected within meters of the hundred foot-high trees. A tower crane designed for a building four times the height of the Junior School was erected to ensure that the trees were not damaged by the hoisting operations. To this day, children attending Elmwood enjoy the unique feeling that their classrooms are perched up amongst the highest tree branches of this amazing place.