Safeguarding clients and their companies during complex construction projects

Established in 1967, M.P. Lundy Construction (Lundy) strives every day to provide the best possible construction experience to our clients.

We understand that every client has unique needs and the undertaking of a major construction project can be a challenging and stressful time. We are here to simplify the construction process while safeguarding our client’s sanity and investment during all phases of the work, be it a new build, expansion, rejuvenation, or refurbishment. In this place of risk and leaps of confidence, the Lundy team is there to ensure phenomenal project success.

Our work is only as good as our people and our people are pretty great.

The most important assets at Lundy go home at the end of each day. Our employees are success-driven A players who are naturally courageous, possess top-notch communication skills, and have a deep sense of caring for his/her client and the project outcome.

Our people are trained and empowered to proactively identify risk, find solutions, and instill a sense of confidence and trust into every client relationship.

Construction News

We like to stay on top of the latest news, trends and best practices in the commercial construction and general contracting world. It keeps us on our toes.


Relationships Over Bricks

At Lundy, we believe that strong working relationships, built on confidence and trust, are what drive project success. We know that the highest level of momentum on site comes from positive, cooperative team relationships – starting with the client group. This is why we seek out clients whose values are closely aligned with our own. The outcome of this approach is a synergistic combination of mutual respect and productivity.


In good company

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